”A family legacy”

We have a great connection and we feel a lot of love for each
of the animals that give us their presence, company and friendship.
For us it is very important; we appreciate it and take it
as a great teaching. It is for this reason, that the winery is
portrayed by a hummingbird; but each of our varietals
tell the story of the animals that accompany us every day and
in this great family dream that is Bodegas LAMUCHI.

The history

Family winery

LAMUCHI is driven by Diaz
Family, recognized in the technological
and IT fields.
The Diaz’s define the project as “a
family legacy”, since it is the dream
that Jorge and Mónica started, which
they leave to their children, Déborah and Iván, and
they hope that the future generation will continue.
The name “LAMUCHI” is a tribute
and an acknowledgment to Mónica. This is the way
her children called her when
they were little, and for Jorge, was the perfect
way to name this such an important
project that started



LAMUCHI’s terroirs are frequently visited by a hummingbird. This visit is a source of immense joy for all its members and
that is why it was chosen to represent the winery and its products.

According to a Mayan legend...

When a hummingbird suddenly
appears, it brings a message of love
and affection from someone who is
thinking of you, from this world or
beyond. For the love given in all its
expressions, the LAMUCHI family
invites you to live these unique
moments toasting together.

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