LaMuchi Zorritos Sauvignon Blanc Sauvignon Blanc

LAMUCHI is characterized by its incredibly astute, and spicy identity. This
varietal has the ability to adapt to any situation.
In the mouth it is dynamic and daring, showing a bold character that invites you
to discover the goodness of Mendoza terroir.
These qualities remind us of the faithful family of foxes, protectors and spiritual
guides, who gift us with their daily visit and friendship.

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“He was only a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But I have made him my
friend, and now he is unique in all the world.”

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Sauvignon Blanc


  • TERROIRS: Agrelo – Mendoza

  • ESTIMATED ALCOHOL: 12,3% v/v

  • VISUAL ASPECT: Bright, light yellow with greenish reflections stand out in the glass. Vivacity is one of its optical virtues. Identity and varietal nobility. Positive first impression. Excellent visual aspect according to its vintage.

  • AROMA ASPECT: Its interesting aromas begin to express full of fresh notes of white fruit such as apricots, pears, green apple, among others. A wonderful herbal and floral combination is perceived, along with delicious citrus notes such as lemon peel that round out an appetizing and charming nose. Perfumed, elegant profile with a defined varietal identity.

  • TASTE: First palate is exquisite, the first impact is soft and friendly. When it begins to travel through the palate, its textures give immediate pleasure. Refreshing, juicy, fluid body and with a lot of breadth in the middle of the mouth; accompanying until the end. With good length, its passage leaves delicious traces that combine citrus fruit, white flowers, and subtle notes associated with asparagus and peas. Sensational from start to finish.

  • FOOD PAIRING: Moments of aperitifs, starters, hot sunsets, and after-dinner meals that require refreshing the palate. Gastronomic combinations are many, including green salads, fried calamari rings, ceviches, paellas, white meats, pastas with mild sauces, pizzas and empanadas with tasty fillings.

  • TEMPERATURE: It is recommended to take care of its temperature in order to fully enjoy the sensory qualities, therefore, we suggest drinking it cool, between 9º and 11ºC.


OVERALL EVALUATION: Emblem that excites and proposes freshness. Expressive, tasty and dynamic to drink. Balanced, very honest and a lot of balance from start to finish. Youth and vivacity that is expressed in each of its aromas and flavors. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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