LaMuchi 7 Cuchillos Extra Brut Rosé Extra Brut Rosé

LAMUCHI Extra Brut Rose is alluring and hypnotic as the singing of the 7 Cuchillos.
When you drink it, its bubbles burst free like the nature of the bird.

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Extra Brut Rosé

  • VARIETY: Blend de Malbec y Chenin

  • TERROIRS: Young vineyards, located in San Martin, Mendoza.

  • ESTIMATED ALCOHOL: 12,8% v/v

  • VISUAL ASPECT: Its color and “onion skin” hues highlight the fineness of its bubbles,
    consistency and vivacity. Brilliant and of excellent clarity.

  • AROMA ASPECT: Clear and good expression. Aromatic, subtle and elegant. At first smell there is an
    interesting perception of fresh red fruits, appearing notes of cherries and quinces, accompanied by
    floral touches. Simple to understand.

  • TASTE ASPECT: Friendly and pleasant to drink. The texture of its bubbles, freshness and fine acidity
    generate a delicious sensation throughout the mouth. The finish is smooth, fruity and refreshing,
    leaving the palate ready to continue drinking.

  • FOOD PAIRING: Moments and meals make for almost infinite combinations to enjoy with this Extra
    Brut. Moments of appetizers, summer evenings, starters such as salads, seafood, fish and white meats,
    some of the options. It also accompanies moments such as dessert and long after-dinner meals.

  • TEMPERATURE: It is recommended to carefully select its temperature in order to
    fully enjoy its sensory qualities, therefore, we suggest drinking it cool, between 9 and
    11 Celsius degrees.


GENERAL CONCLUSION: A refreshing and young sparkling wine. Expressive and satisfying to drink. Its
main characteristics show a wine adaptable to all times and circumstances.

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