LaMuchi Bolita de Fuego Pinot Noir PINOT NOIR

The legend of the Bolita de Fuego tells of the existence of an intense bonfire in
the middle of the hills that led the way.
The bonfire received a punch trying to put it out and leave the place in darkness,
which caused thousands of sparks to rise and spread to all sides, extinguishing
quickly, but one of these embers remained lit on a poplar tree, lighting up the
whole area.
This ember transformed into a beautiful bird of splendid red color, theBolita de
Fuego (Fireball).
LAMUCHI chooses the “Bolita de Fuego” as the icon of this Pinot Noir in tribute to
faith, hope, love, patience and the company of our loved ones who always remind
us who we are and which is the way.

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  • VARIETY: 100% Pinot Noir

  • TERROIRS: Alto Agrelo.


  • VISUAL ASPECT: Attractive and delicate reddish tones that denote brightness and vivacity.
    A clean and clear wine. Its visual profile is wonderfully associated with the varietal and
    its vintage. Perfect chromatic identity very well achieved. From the wine glass
    stimulates the enjoyment.

  • AROMA ASPECT: Expressive and aromatic. Attractive. Its first perceptions are fresh, delicious combination
    of red and black fruits such as strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. An intense
    conjunction of menthol notes, eucalyptus, licorice, pine, herbs and clove, some
    sensations that accompany and delight the nose. Finally, subtle smoky and mild spices
    complexity and give an exquisite diversity to the aromatic aspect. White pepper, thyme,
    jarilla, jasmine, leather and coffee plus notes that make up the interesting olfactory
    range. Elegance and complexity.

  • TASTE ASPECT: Pleasant and tasty first contact in the mouth, causing a soft first
    sensation. Its silky tannins, full body, power and refreshing profile that caresses the
    palate are the main characteristics of this Pinot Noir that expresses identity and
    personality. Its long and persistent finish generates fruity, herbal and spicy memories

  • FOOD PAIRING: The elegance, complexity and power of its attributes allow variants and
    alternatives at the time of combination. After-dinner moments and encounters with
    reading and movies. While food can enhance the experiences, proposals for stuffed
    pastas with creamy sauces, grilled meats, grilled fish with roasted vegetables, mature
    cheese, sausages, risottos and desserts that combine chocolates and citrus creams.
    The wine’s organoleptic virtues challenge and excite.

  • TEMPERATURE: the varietal can be drunk cool, between 10º and 12º due to full
    expression. Its virtues and attributes allow us to think of a wine with a long life in the
    bottle, therefore, a neat and slow evolution. the fineness of its tannins. Take into
    account the context and environment of its enjoyment to minimize the consequences of
    a high drinking temperature.


GENERAL CONCLUSION: It respects the typicity of the varietal, as well as being very
faithful to its region of origin. Versatility and complexity in its structure, it expresses an
accumulation of attractive and charming sensations that invite and challenge to enjoy.
Time in the bottle and in the glass is the main ally to achieve its expression. Its
virtuesand attributes allow us to think of a wine with a long life in the bottle, therefore, a
neat and slow evolution.

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